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About Phoenix

Phoenix Medical Systems is a manufacturer of infant and maternal care products and assistive devices. Phoenix was created in 1989 with the goal of providing cost-effective and innovative neonate-care solutions. The mission of Phoenix continues to be to provide solutions that match the best in the world at very affordable prices....
Company overview
Recognised R&D Centre
Make-in-India Products 

The Impact

Newborn mortality rate (per 1000 live births) - 25
Annual reduction in newborn mortality rate 3.6% (2000-2016)
Preterm birthrate (per 100 live births) - 13
Maternal mortality ratio (per 100,000 live births ) 174
Source Healthy Newborn Network ; 2015 statistics


Engineered-in-India Product of the Year

In yet another recognition for Phoenix Medical systems, our product NUMO Ventilator won the ‘Engineered-in-India Product of the Year’ in the Indian Manufacturing Companies category at the NASSCOM Engineering & Innovation Excellence Awards held live on 24th June 2021.

NUMO, an ICU ventilator was developed from scratch by our R&D team in under 100 days after the Pandemic hit the world. Subsequently tantamount to the quality of the product, we were able to secure approval by European regulatory authorities with a CE Certification in a very short time. We are proud that NUMO is playing a part in helping patients suffering from COVID to recover and get back to normalcy both in India and across the world.

Introducing Nymphaea

A notable proportion of term and preterm infants develop neonatal jaundice. Jaundice in an otherwise healthy term infant is the most common reason for readmission to hospital. Jaundice is caused by an increase in serum bilirubin levels, largely as a result of breakdown of red blood cells. The liver converts bilirubin into a conjugated form which is excreted in the bile. Very high levels of unconjugated bilirubin are neurotoxic. Phototherapy is a simple and effective way to reduce the bilirubin level.

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Treat HIE with Brammi

Neonatal Asphyxia occurs when infant doesn’t get oxygen. It can cause severe loss of oxygen to infant’s brain, which can injure brain cell causing HIE (Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy).

The brain damage can cause mental and physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, seizure and developmental delays.

Every year, roughly 10 to 60% of babies with HIE die in the newborn period. At least 25% of babies with HIE with delayed treatment suffer neuro development. It is advised to treat babies within 6 hours from birth.

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Spinning the wheel of empowerment

A person with lower limb disability may have to use a wheel chair for the entire life. In a conventional wheelchair the user spends time in a seated position all the time. This constraint gives rise to many physical as well as mental health related issues such as sore body, building of pressure points leading to pressure sores, lowered blood circulation, and dependence on other people for basic needs. One solution to this problem is to provide mechanisms in the wheel-chair to assist the person to stand.

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Dr. Savithri

"The patient feels comfortable in Phoenix LDR. Post sale follow up and service is good."

Dr. SavithriGynecologist / Harley Ram Hospital, Madurai

Ms. Deepthi

“I’ve been using Phoenix warmers for the past one and a half years. The oval shaped bed feature in the CIC 101 model is good to access the baby. The warmth spreads across the bed evenly and provides efficient treatment. The tilting facility is very useful for positioning the baby and during procedures. The non-touch examination lamp is one of my favourite features”

Nurse In-chargeBlossom Children Hospital, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Thilagam Rajesh

"I've been using Phoenix DT 100 for the past 15 years. It is hands down the best cot I've used. It is user-friendly, maintenance free and of good quality."

Dr. Thilagam RajeshGynecologist / KR Hospital, Coimbatore


Times of India, Economic Times, The Wall Street Journal, Hindu Business line and more have featured Phoenix Medical Systems showcasing our approach, effort and impact.