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From Vision to Impact: Transforming Maternal and Neonatal Healthcare

Through pioneering and certified solutions, Phoenix plays a vital role in innovatively safeguarding lives and ensuring the well-being of both mothers and newborns around the globe. With a legacy spanning over 35 years, in Maternal and Neonatal healthcare in India, Phoenix continues to set new standards of excellence.

The Leaders

Leading with vision and
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Our Managing Director, V. Sashi Kumar is an innovator, with an M.S. in Entrepreneurship from IIT Madras. He founded Phoenix Medical Systems in 1989 with the vision of providing world-class and affordable products. Under his stewardship, the company, started with minimal investment and became the leading biomedical manufacturer in India.

Our Story

From Beginnings to

From our humble beginnings, we embarked on a journey to revolutionise the way we care for Mothers and Newborns, relentlessly striving to enhance their well-being. With a legacy built on innovation, compassion, and a resolute dedication to saving lives, we have emerged as a trusted beacon of hope and for thousands of hospitals across the globe.

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Our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, including engineers at our DSIR recognised R&D center, leverages the latest healing technologies to swiftly restore optimal well-being in neonatal and maternal care. We meticulously evaluate and treat all contributing root factors linked to your concern.


At Phoenix, our vision is to be the global beacon of pioneering maternal and neonatal healthcare, driving innovations that redefine the standards of well-being for mothers and newborns.


At Phoenix, our mission is to provide accessible and equitable Maternal and Neonatal care through innovative solutions and fostering partnerships with healthcare providers,


We are dedicated to excellence, rigorously upholding the highest standards in every aspect of our operations, from research and development to manufacturing and customer service.


Collaboration is at the heart of our success, as we believe that meaningful partnerships with healthcare professionals, institutions, and communities are essential for driving positive change in maternal and neonatal care globally.


Our Values
that drives our success


Innovating with Purpose

We thrive on innovation that is rooted in purpose-driven research and development, guided by the conviction that every advancement should directly contribute to improving the lives of mothers and newborns.


Holistic Well-being as Priority

Our commitment to compassionate care goes beyond medical efficacy, creating an environment where families find comfort, support, and empowerment throughout their journey.


Collaborative Commitment

Setting ourselves apart, we cultivate a collaborative ecosystem where healthcare professionals, researchers, and communities join hands to shape the future of maternal and neonatal care.

Our Partners


IIT Delhi partnered with Phoenix Medical Systems to develop a low-cost visual aid, Smart Cane. This is a device that can be mounted onto the traditional white cane carried by the visually challenged. It uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles at distances of up to 3 metres. https://assistech.iitd.ac.in/docSmartcane_Press_release.pdf


Phoenix is the industry partner of the Rehabilitation Research and Design Development Lab (also known as R2D2), at IIT Madras. Phoenix manufactures R2D2’s standing wheelchair (Arise), a high-quality assistive device to help people with locomotor disabilities.https://r2d2.iitm.ac.in/innovations/arise-the-standing-wheelchair

Embrace Global

Phoenix and Embrace Innovations have partnered to manufacture and distribute Embrace infant warmers: developed for premature and underweight newborns do in low-resource settings due to infrastructure and skill gaps. This is a cost-effective, easily portable warmer.


D-Rev’s products are designed to leverage the market and existing high-performing local partners for broad distribution and scaling. Phoenix has partnered with D-Rev to work on the design and manufacture of a phototherapy - Brilliance Pro.

Windmill Health

Phoenix has partnered with Windmill Health, to present NeoBreathe, the world’s first foot operated newborn resuscitation system. Phoenix is proud to partner with Windmill Health to be the first to bring this pioneering product to newborns across the globe.

AIM Tech

The Neovent, developed by AIM Tech, is an affordable hydrostatic dual-pressure ventilator. Developed in partnership with Phoenix, Neovent stands out as a high-quality, cost-effective, energy-efficient, and user-friendly respiratory device tailored for patients in developing markets.


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