A Modern Birthing Theatre
Phoenix Medical Systems has designed a modern birthing theatre with the objective of providing an organised controlled environment and a soothing, clutter-free room.Send Enquiry
Magzhini birthing theatre


The birth of a child is an unmatched event for a family. Phoenix Medical Systems has designed a modern birthing theatre with the objective of providing an organised and controlled environment, a soothing, clutter-free room that a mother can walk into for the delivery.


The room has all the equipment of a modern birthing theatre. It is equipped to tackle any emergency that may arise. It has a delivery bed that can support any natural birthing position (squatting, lithotomy and lateral) of the mother’s choice. It also has a neonatal work station with provisions for keeping the infant warm, an electronic blender resuscitation unit and a SpO2 monitoring system.

Since the sight of medical equipment, accessories and medicines can be daunting for many, everything is stored in drawers mounted on the wall in an aesthetically appealing style. Gas outlets, monitors and electrical sockets with cables have all been moved off the floors and walls—they are mounted on pendants suspended from the ceiling.

All the instruments that are used to assist the process of labour are set out on a utility cart according to the order and frequency of use. The systematic organisation of the space enables the doctor and the medical staff to work efficiently. The setup is also organised to simplify training activities.


Dedicated staff members give the mother antenatal and postnatal care. The antenatal visits ensure that there are healthy outcomes for both the mother and the baby. Mothers are examined medically and counselled for a healthy lifestyle. The presence of a loved one during labour can provide moral support and will allay the mother’s psychological fears at least partially. Thus, the room has been designed to accommodate a birthing companion.

During postnatal visits, special attention is given to mothers to handle postpartum anxieties. Mothers are taught breast feeding practices by well-trained nurses. They are advised how to regain strength to cope with the new phase of life. Maghizini will ensure dignity and safe motherhood to every expectant mother.

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