The SVAAS nCPAP represents the latest advancement in technology for neonatal continuous positive airway pressure.

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The Next-generation smart nCPAP device from Phoenix has been designed specially for NICUs. Its compact form houses a blender, the interface and a pulse oximeter.Svaas uses electronic blending technology for accurate control of the breathing gas. It is child’s play to use the intuitive graphical interface. Svaas features an intelligent alarm system. Our Neonatal CPAP, which is designed to give gentle and effective breathing assistance, shows our commitment to developing neonatal care. Believe in our technologies to improve newborn health and create new standards in infant care.


Pulse Oximeter

Monitoring SpO2 and Pulse rate.

Trends (upto 72 hrs)

Fio2, Flow, CPAP Pressure, SpO2, Pulse rate


Intelligent safety alarms


7 “inch Touch display

Data Log & Transfer

Patient alarm data with time stamps.

Battery backup

Up to 5 hours

SVAAS features: bubble, flow-driven and high-flow therapy


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