Nymphaea is a sleek, light weight jaundice management device that can be handled effortlessly by care givers.

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This portable device can be efficiently used to treat neonatal jaundice in an Nicu, Picu or labour room. Nymphaea covers large surface area to provide treatment without hindrance to respiratory and warming therapies. Nymphaea is clubbed with a specially designed air mattress cocoon that provides safety & effective treatment to the neonate.


Lightweight and Portable

Can be used anywhere - in NICUs, Paediatric wards, Labour rooms as it is portable and can support effective treatment of neonates suffering from jaundice.

Uniform light distribution

With the uniform light distribution, the infant receives equal amount of intensity throughout the treatment area, resulting in effective jaundice treatment.

Effective and Large surface area

Covers the maximum possible body surface area for effective phototherapy. The cocoon provided with Nymphaea reflects the blue light on the baby making sure the baby is potentially receiving complete LED treatment.

Slim, Sleek and Seamless

Slides under the baby's bed easily. Can be placed in the X-Ray slot of radiant warmers or can be used with bassinet, crib & Top phototherapy.

Safety Alarm System

Safe to be used under bed as Nymphaea is equipped with audible alarm to indicate power failures and visual alarms for power on, open/short circuit and overcurrent.

Minimal Maintainance

The lifetime of the LED is ~80,000 hours, reducing the cost of LED replacement.

Ergonomic Design

Energy Efficient

The LED's in Nymphaea consumes less power with a higher lifetime proving to be energy efficient.

Extra Comfort with a Cocoon

The cocoon provided with Nymphaea has a specially designed air mattress which bestows comfort and safety to the neonates recieving treatment.

Ergonomic Handle

Designed for convenience & ease of use for care givers.


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