This Thermo-regulation device from Phoenix has been designed specially for the treatment of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) in NICU’s.

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Brammi provides treatment of hypothermia to neonates. This Infant Thermoregulation device has a specialised mechanism in which both cooling and rewarming is performed. It features an intelligent alarm system, optimal energy transfer via specially designed mattress, graphical trends and effective power backup of 1 Hr. The innovative Infant Thermoregulation device offers infants optimal temperature control, requiring infant care by reducing overheating or chilling. Its innovative technology prioritizes infants' delicate needs, providing reliable support for healthcare professionals and parents and improving the overall quality of infant care.


Graphical Display

Convenient intuitive 7 inch graphical touch screen display allows the caregiver to easily set and monitor essential parameters


Captures the temperature of the infant for a period of 72 hrs which can help the caregiver determine the course of the treatment

Data Log and Transfer

The data log of the infant can be stored and transferred conveniently through the usb port to analyse the patient's treatment.

Safety Alarms

Vigilant safety alarms alerts the caregiver when a parameter crosses limits

Battery Backup

The extended battery backup period allows interrupted therapy to continue even during power failures.

Compact and Easy to use

Can be easily assembled and maintained by the caregiver. Portable device , that is easy for transportation during treatment

Brammi: Phoenix's infant thermo-regulation device


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