Smart Canes for the Blind

SmartCanes are innovative tools designed to enhance the independence of individuals with blindness, letting them navigate their surroundings more confidently. Unlike a traditional cane, a SmartCane is a highly advanced mobility aid. It makes life safer for the visually impaired by letting them detect ground obstacles and surface irregularities (including potholes) that could cause accidents.

If you are considering buying a SmartCane, it is essential that you understand its functionality and the benefits it provides for people with blindness.

How does a SmartCane work?

SmartCanes attach to the top fold of a standard white cane. They use ultrasonic ranging to identify obstacles ahead. SmartCanes communicate the distance to the obstacle using unique vibratory patterns. They enhance the capability of the cane to detect objects between knee height and head height. This technology helps users avoid collisions with objects such as signboards, tree branches, open windows, and the undersides[‘edges’?] of parked vehicles.

What are the benefits of using a SmartCane?

While traditional white canes are helpful, they cannot detect certain hazards such as overhanging objects or open windows. They also require careful handling to avoid damaging parked vehicles or injuring others.

SmartCanes address these limitations by detecting objects before physical contact. This reduces the risk of unintended collisions and enhances user safety.

Are SmartCanes suitable for all users?

SmartCanes are affordable, user-friendly, and adaptable to different environments. They can be attached easily to any standard white cane and can be adjusted for outdoor use (up to 3 m range) and indoors use (up to 1.8 m range). With a reliable 10-hour rechargeable battery and an adjustable sensor mechanism, a SmartCane caters to users of various heights. They also feature ergonomic grips so that users do not have to change their gripping styles.

Revolutionising the walking cane with smart technology

Phoenix offers authentic SmartCanes, empowering individuals with blindness to navigate safely and independently. All Phoenix products meet international standards. At the same time, they are affordable.

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