A technologically advanced mobility aid for visually impaired individuals that promotes safe and independent navigation.

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This is an affordable electronic mobility aid that can be attached to the top fold of a standard white cane. It utilises distinctive and intuitive vibratory patterns to indicate the distance of obstacles. The detection range can be adjusted to suit indoor and outdoor environments, with ranges of 1.8m and 3m respectively. The battery backup lasts up to 10 hours and is easily rechargeable, and the sensor mechanism can be adapted to the user's height. Phoenix Medical Systems is a healthcare solutions pioneer renowned for developing assistive technology. Their ground-breaking SmartCane is an excellent example of how innovation and accessibility can be effortlessly integrated to improve mobility for the visually impaired. Phoenix Medical Systems, with a focus on empowering lives, continues to transform the landscape of inclusive healthcare.


Two modes with different detection ranges and intuitive vibratory patterns to convey obstacle distance information.

Adjustable sensor mechanism protects users of different heights

Ergonomic grip, Gripping style need not be changed.

Easy attachment and detachment from a compatible white can.

Inbuilt rechargeable battery with 10 hours back up.


Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modi distributing Phoenix SmartCanes to visually challenged at ‘Samajik Adhikarita Shivir’ in Varanasi on 22nd January 2016.
Ex-President of India Shri. Pranab Mukherjee examining the SmartCane
Happy customers with the SmartCane
Happy customers from Africa with the SmartCane
Bollywood actor Mrs. Vidya Balan at the SmartCane launch in Mumbai


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