NeoVent is a non-invasive and cost-effective, simple and safe ventilation support for infants. It delivers bi-level positive airway pressure (BPAP) to infants.

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The Neovent is an infant ventilator which delivers dual level treatment. It does so by collecting bubbles, rising due to buoyancy, venting the bubbles and sinking. This cycle then repeats. It delivers bi-level positive airway pressure (BPAP) to spontaneously breathing infants upto 10kg in weight and who require respiratory support due to conditions such as Respiratory Distress Syndrome or other conditions where BPAP is prescribed by a physician.


Reduced work of breathing

Uninterrupted breathing cycles delivered along with CPAP to provide comfortable breathing support


Does not require continuous electricity and can be used in remote centers

Safe and Effective

Effectively delivers the prescribed pressures. Multiple safety valves prevent the delivery of excess pressure

High Frequency Oscillation

Combines the proven benefits of high frequency oscillation with dual pressure ventilation

Universal Circuits

Compatible with standard respiratory circuits available in the market.

Cost Effective

Delivers dual pressure ventilation at a much affordable price.

Ergonomic Design


Lower risk of chronic lung disease and infection in comparison with invasive options

Intuitive user interface

Easy & intuitive setup with a transparent design so users can see and understand NeoVent function

Gentle and Inobtrusive

Specifically designed to meet the needs of infants without rupturing their little lungs. The NeoVent also provides a calm and undisturbed environment for the neonate while delivering safe ventilation.


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