Neobreathe’s single person resuscitation care has in built resuscitation + mechanical suction. Its remarkably convenient & user friendly design helps in complete infant care.

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Every year Asphyxia kills 8,11,000 babies. These babies can be saved by simple resuscitation followed by suction. Neobreathe offers a comprehensive solution for resuscitation and mechanical suction for neonates. Its design is user-friendly and highly convenient for providing complete infant care. With this product, healthcare professionals can rely on a single device to perform critical tasks, streamlining their workflow and improving patient outcomes.


World’s first foot operated resuscitation care

Unique foot operating resuscitation unit provides one free hand for CPR

Integrated suction

No fear of power cuts, No struggling with tubes.

Ventilation + Suction

Ventilation and suction integrated into one system

Stable grip & Seal

Effective seal deigned to prevent upto 50 % of any leakage during procedure. Unit is safe,secure & prevents infection.

Regulated Fio₂ control + PEEP delivery

Inbuilt, low cost, multi-point Fio₂ regulation is available. With PEEP control

Re-useable pressure manometer

Neo-breathe has a built in re-useable manometer for continuous pressure monitoring. In turn increases safety and confidence

Pressure Safety

It’s incorporated with patient safety measures. Pressure won’t exceed more than 40 cmH₂O.

Zero electricity

Neobreathe is operated without the need of any electricity. No fear of power cuts!


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