Nasal CPAP

Unit 300

NCPAP 300 is a simple continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) system designed to provide support to fragile infants suffering from RDS.

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A full 60% of the infants born after 28 weeks of pregnancy or less are prone to respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). The lungs of these infants are underdeveloped, and the required gas exchange cannot take place. Hence their breathing needs external support. NCPAP 300 prevents airway closure and maintains the functional residual capacity. It has been ergonomically designed and is remarkably easy to operate. The bubble CPAP apparatus is straightforward; it consists of a breathing circuit with an inspiratory limb that delivers a heated humidified gas mixture to the newborn and an expiratory limb that is immersed in water in a container to achieve the required pressure. Gas flow produces bubbles beneath the water, causing oscillations in the water level and, as a result, the pressure provided to the patient.


Flow and Bubble

Versatile—can be configured for both flow and bubble operation according to your preference

Compact Electronic Blender

Accurate delivery of gases with precise control of the proportion of air and oxygen

Display Unit

Values of respiratory parameters displayed in large, bright characters for easy reading

Universal Circuit Interface

Compatible with different circuits available in the market

Lightweight patient interface

Designed to eliminate damage to the nasal septum and delicate nostrils of the infant

“Shut Down” Alarm

Continuous monitoring of pressure , FiO2 and apnea with an alert system.

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