Brilliance Pro

The Brilliance Pro is designed for use in the NICU to provide phototherapy. It can be used in conjunction with other lifesaving medical devices such as infant warmers and incubators. It is compatible with a lot of bassinets.

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Visual example of the Brilliance Pro product


The Brilliance Pro is designed for providing phototherapy in the NICU. It can be used along with other critical medical equipment such as infant warmers and incubators. It is compatible with most bassinets. The Brilliance Pro has an integrated light meter. The sleek look of the Brilliance Pro makes it stand out in any NICU.


SmartTilt Technology

SmartTilt ensures that Brilliance Pro works effectively at any position and along with other pieces of neonatal intensive care equipment. This technology provides light of uniform intensity across the treatment area.

Effective surface Area

Maximum possible body surface area for effective phototherapy as per the recommended standards of American academy of pediatrics.

Therapy Timer

Treatment times are easily tracked. Readings are displayed on an LCD screen.

Energy Efficient

Brilliance Pro consumes less than half the power consumed by CFLs.

Minimal Maintainance

Brilliance LEDs last 60 times longer compared with CFLs. Using Brilliance Pro, hospitals can enjoy considerable savings by avoiding costly bulb replacements.


Brilliance Pro is designed to withstand severe power fluctuations without any change in performance.

A neonate is receiving jaundice treatment using the Brilliance Pro


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