Arise/Standing Wheelchair

Arise is a manual wheelchair with an inbuilt feature that allows the user to independently rise to a standing position.

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Visual example of the Arise/Standing Wheelchair  product


A majority of users of conventional wheelchairs lack control over their lower limb musculature and require considerable effort, assistance and/or aids to get to a standing position. The ability to attain and maintain a standing position is greatly beneficial to the health, self-esteem and sense of wellbeing of a wheelchair user. The pinnacle of assistive technology, which provides users with not only mobility but also the freedom to stand, providing a life without limits. Discover our assistive technology's revolutionary impact - where innovation meets inclusion.


Made to Measure

A one-time fitting ensures optimal operation and a comfortable user experience

Standing position

Standing angle of 75°

Gas spring

Gas spring, adjustable to user’s weight, enables smooth transition from sitting position to standing position


This wheelchair is designed for affordability without compromising on quality and durability

Safety feature

Safety features avoid accidental standing. The wheelchair also includes a wheel lock, knee support and safety belt.


This wheelchair is designed to withstand a maximum user weight of 110 kg and is equipped with sturdy, durable components

Arise wheelchair in the sitting position on the left and the standing position on the right
The phoenix team and IIT team at the launch of the Arise wheelchair

Ergonomic Design

Easy manoeuvrability

Easy and smooth to manoeuvre and suitable for outdoor use

Long Wheel Base

Longer wheel base ensures stability in standing position


Adjustable rear wheel position for better propulsion


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