Selecting a Warmer for Newborns: Crucial Features when Prioritizing Comfort and Safety

At Phoenix Medical Systems, we place the warmth and safety of newborns at the forefront of our innovative research and development. Our NWS 101, a warmer for newborns, is a product that embodies these vital priorities.

Key Features of the Phoenix NWS 101 Newborn Warmer

  1. Adaptability: We have designed the NWS 101 such that it can be adapted to various healthcare environments, from labour rooms to neonatal intensive care units. The heater unit can be adjusted to cater to different bed heights, ensuring flexibility in clinical settings.
  2. Reliability: We prioritised functionality and reliability. Thus the display of the NWS 101 is equipped with a battery backup, ensuring that temperature readings are available even during power outages. And the warmth from the quartz heater is delivered uniformly across the bed. These small but critical details contribute to the maintenance of uninterrupted care for newborns.
  3. Integrated storage solutions: We have integrated seamless storage solutions into the design. We have provided drawers for essential care items (such as napkins) so that they are readily available. This streamlines the provision of care, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on the well-being of the newborns.
  4. Space-saving design: The NWS 101 is also available in a variety of a model, one such is the warmer without bed that has a T-shaped base with handles that slide easily under other equipment in the healthcare facility and under the mother’s cot. This effective space-saving design optimises the clinical environment without compromising functionality.
  5. User-friendly control panel: The control panel we designed for the NWS 101 is easy to use. It has user-friendly soft-touch keys. When servicing is necessary (servicing as recommended ensures that the warmer always operates at peak efficiency), the panel can be removed effortlessly.

The Phoenix NWS 101 Newborn Warmer represents a combination of safety, adaptability and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for providing neonatal care.

 At Phoenix Medical Systems, we understand that simplicity in design can lead to groundbreaking innovations in healthcare. We take pride in integrating technology with thoughtful design in contributing to providing safe and comfortable starts to many lives worldwide.

Choosing the NWS 101 as your warmer for newborns means selecting assurance and excellence for the smallest patients, who require meticulous care. Order your NWS 101 today!


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