Revolutionizing Mobility: Introducing the Arise: Standing Wheelchair

Arise, the standing wheelchair developed by IIT Madras, is the first product launched by R2D2, IITM.

At the forefront of innovation in mobility solutions, our Arise Standing Wheelchair is a game-changer for wheelchair users seeking independence and improved well-being. Designed as a manual wheelchair, the Arise: Standing Wheelchair empowers users to effortlessly rise to a standing position using the strength of their arms, promoting crucial health benefits.

Research underscores the significance of regular standing for wheelchair users, highlighting improvements in circulation, bowel control, pressure sore healing, muscle health, respiratory function, and psychological well-being. The Arise: Standing Wheelchair facilitates this mechanical design, requiring an effort like traditional wheelchair propulsion.

Versatility is key, as the Arise: Standing Wheelchair seamlessly transitions between indoor and outdoor use. From home settings to public spaces, including offices, parks, and marketplaces, the Standing Wheelchair offers unparalleled freedom. Arise: Standing Wheelchair offers Safety as paramount, with customizability, adjustable features, and additional locking mechanisms ensuring stability and preventing accidental activation.

Discover a new era in mobility with Arise: Standing Wheelchair – a rugged, affordable solution transforming lives and enhancing accessibility for wheelchair users.

Arise: Standing wheelchair is available in four sizes: XL, L, M, S.


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