Radiant Warmers: Nurturing New Beginnings

In neonatal care, radiant warmers emerge as silent guardians, ensuring the well-being of newborns. These radiant warmers create a warm environment crucial for stabilizing newborns' body temperature. Employing radiant heat, they cocoon infants, preventing hypothermia and promoting optimal temperature.

Radiant warmers simplify neonatal care with user-friendly interfaces, allowing healthcare professionals to fine-tune settings for personalized comfort. Radiant warmer features like adjustable heat intensity and easy access for medical treatment make radiant warmers essential in the delicate task of caring for newborns.

Phoenix stands at the forefront of technological innovation in Radiant Warmers. Since our inception, we have consistently produced cutting-edge radiant warmers, progressing from basic to advanced models. Our unwavering commitment to advancement is dedicated to enhancing neonatal care.

Phoenix Radiant Warmers have aesthetically pleasing designs and provide tailored features like infrared heating technology for maintaining optimal temperature, cpap/resuscitation during the golden minute of the infant’s life as per the AAP recommendation, an inbuilt Masimo Pulse oximeter for monitoring SpO2 levels. Phoenix takes pride in benchmarking the world’s first oval-shaped bed for easy access of the infants and motorized tilting and height adjustments for newborns' well-being and healthcare professionals' convenience. Phoenix plays a pivotal role in the continuous development of state-of-the-art radiant warmers, contributing significantly to the well-being of newborns.


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