Phoenix partners with Windmill Health

Phoenix Medical always strives to be the first to bring pioneering technology to newborns. In this quest, Phoenix now partners with Windmill Health, to present NeoBreathe, the world’s first foot operated newborn resuscitation system.

NeoBreathe frees one hand of the user from bagging – allowing a two handed mask grip – which is known to improves face-mask sealing by over 50%.In addition, it enables unprecedented multi-tasking- allowing auscultation without assistance, and single person CPR. It integrates foot powered suction, pressure monitoring, enhanced pressure safety, PEEP and FiO2 regulation – all in one robust solution.

NeoBreathe shows proven improvements in breathe delivery in studies. For details visit

NeoBreathe, an internationally awarded invention, was invented at Stanford-India Biodesign, AIIMS, New Delhi , Stanford University and IIT, Delhi faculty as co-inventors. It was further developed by Windmill Health, a company founded by its physican inventors from Stanford and AIIMS.

NeoBreathe is simplifying saving lives in hospitals across 14 states of India and most recently, it received a National Technology Award from the Hon’ble President of India on National Technology Day 2017.

Phoenix is proud to partner with Windmill Health to be the first to bring this pioneering product to newborns across the globe.


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