Phoenix and Embrace innovations - The ideal ally

Phoenix Medical Systems, the leading medical equipment manufacturer in India, has recently announced its partnership with Embrace Innovations, a global social enterprise that focuses on creating innovative solutions for low-income families. The partnership aims to develop and manufacture a low-cost, portable warmer called Embrace that can help prevent hypothermia in newborns.

The Embrace warmer, which is a soft, portable device, is designed to provide warmth to newborns who are at risk of hypothermia. The device uses a phase change material that can be warmed in hot water or an electric warmer and can maintain a constant temperature for up to six hours. This makes it an ideal solution for hospitals and healthcare centers in low-resource settings where access to electricity is limited.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), hypothermia is a major cause of neonatal mortality in low-income countries, accounting for an estimated 18% of all neonatal deaths. The Embrace warmer has been designed to address this issue and can help save the lives of thousands of newborns in low-income countries.

Phoenix Medical Systems, which has been providing high-quality medical equipment for maternal and neonatal care for over three decades, will manufacture the Embrace warmer at its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chennai, India. The partnership with Embrace Innovations is part of Phoenix Medical Systems' commitment to providing innovative and affordable solutions to improve maternal and neonatal healthcare.

"We are excited to partner with Embrace Innovations to develop and manufacture the Embrace warmer," said Mr. Sashikumar, Managing Director of Phoenix Medical Systems. "We believe that this innovative product has the potential to save the lives of thousands of newborns in low-income countries and improve maternal and neonatal healthcare. At Phoenix Medical Systems, we are committed to providing innovative and affordable solutions to improve healthcare in India and around the world."

The Embrace warmer has already been piloted in several hospitals in India and has received positive feedback from healthcare workers and mothers. The product is expected to be launched in several low-income countries in the coming months, with the aim of reducing neonatal mortality rates and improving maternal and neonatal healthcare.


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