Elevating Obstetric Care: Unveiling the Phoenix DT100 Delivery Table


The Phoenix DT100 Delivery Table revolutionizes obstetric care, offering unparalleled flexibility and innovation. DT100 Delivery table is Designed for optimal comfort and efficiency in labor rooms and delivery wards. The Delivery table enables mothers to adopt various positions, including squatting, lithotomy, and supine positions.

Why is the Squatting Position Crucial on Delivery Table for any birthing mother? 

The squatting position for birthing is an ancient technique that was followed by various cultures. The squatting position during childbirth has its potential benefits. When a mother is giving birth in a squat position, supported by our DT100 Delivery Table, it provides physiological benefits such as widening the pelvic outlet and utilizing gravity for easier baby passage. This position may reduce perineal tears, shorten labor, and enhance maternal comfort. With a squat bar on the delivery table, a mother can easily position herself in a squatting position and go into labor.

What attributes contribute to the versatility of the DT100 Delivery Table?

The Phoenix DT100 delivery table is a cutting-edge solution for maternity care, offering unparalleled comfort and functionality. The DT100 Delivery table supports lithotomy and supine positions as well. The delivery table's key features include a squat bar for stability, a U-cut seat for proper alignment, calf support, and leg rest for versatile positions. In the DT100 delivery table, safety is paramount with adjustable side rails and castors equipped with brakes. Foot-operated height adjustments in this delivery table give hassle-free height adjustment, and the rotatable IV pole ensures seamless access. With firm hand grips, a soft cushion base, and customizable height options, the Phoenix DT100 delivery table delivers outstanding versatility and comfort for both mothers and medical professionals.


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