Innovations in Delivery Tables: Enhancing Comfort and Safety for Moms

There is a misconception that any surface can be used as a delivery table for childbirth. In reality, delivery tables must be specifically designed for use in surgical suites and maternity wards. They provide optimal positioning for labour and delivery and can be adapted for other gynaecological procedures. This is why healthcare providers carefully choose delivery tables, focusing on innovative features to enhance the mother's safety and comfort and to improve the childbirth experience.

Over the years, innovations and technological advancements have transformed the delivery table into an indispensable, versatile tool for obstetricians and gynaecologists. The following are some significant developments.

Ergonomic design

Modern delivery tables are ergonomically designed such that the childbirth experience is improved and care and safety are optimised. The tables are designed to help mothers position themselves more comfortably and effectively for labour and delivery. They also feature a durable construction that enhances the safety of mothers. The backrest and seat can be lowered to a height of about 16 inches above the ground so that patients can get on or off the table easily.

User-friendly features

Leg rests and calf supports are critical features of a delivery table. They need to be adjustable and detachable to allow patients to position themselves comfortably.

Modern delivery tables offer ergonomic hand grips to help the mother maintain a comfortable posture.

Foot-operated controls are available for medical personnel to adjust the table without using their hands. This is particularly useful during critical moments in medical procedures.

Emergency CPR positioning

A quality delivery table is designed to help meet any emergency that arises during childbirth. Look for a table that has an emergency CPR release feature on the backrest.

Durable catch basin

Some delivery tables feature a stainless steel catch basin. This optional feature is positioned below the U-cut seat.

Add innovation to your delivery room

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