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Research & Development - Phoenix Medical Systems (P) Ltd

Phoenix makes a range of products—from ultrasound-based smart canes for the visually challenged to comprehensive newborn-care systems. All these products have one thing in common: for Phoenix, the needs of the beneficiaries and users of these products come first when designing and manufacturing them.

DSIR-Certified Centre

dsr - DSIR-Certified CentrePhoenix is committed to developing innovative products, featuring new technologies. Its R&D facility, the hub of the development work of Phoenix, is recognised by the Department of Scientific Industrial and Research (DSIR), Government of India. The company’s research team here is led by V. Sashi Kumar, an alumnus of IIT Madras.

Phoenix is also known for its strength in industrial design. The appealing finish of Phoenix products has been appreciated as much as have been their user-friendly features.


RD image - DSIR-Certified Centre


IIT Delhi 150x150 - PartnersIIT Delhi
IIT Delhi partnered with Phoenix Medical Systems to develop a low-cost visual aid, Smart Cane. This is a device that can be mounted onto the traditional white cane carried by the visually challenged. It uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles at distances of up to 3 metres.

An academia–NGO–industry partnership was central in developing this solution. IIT Delhi provided research and strategy leadership. Saksham Trust , an NGO, provided the interface with users, and Phoenix Medical Systems contributed their expertise in design, manufacturing, testing and quality assurance. An interdisciplinary team comprising engineers, designers, manufacturing personnel, special educators, social workers, accessibility experts and testing experts provided complementary and holistic inputs to address various design and implementation challenges. Smart Cane is now available in the market and retails at one third less than the cost of other comparable canes in the market.
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IIT Madras Logo 150x150 - PartnersIIT Madras
Phoenix is the industry partner of the Rehabilitation Research and Design Development Lab (also known as R2D2), at IIT Madras. Phoenix will manufacture R2D2’s standing wheelchair (SWC), a high-quality assistive device to help people with locomotor disabilities be more independent.

Phoenix built the prototype of the SWC. Phoenix was selected by IIT Madras for its capacity to make the final product and and obtain the required certifications. Phoenix will also take care of the marketing.

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d rev logo - PartnersD-Rev

D-Rev is a non-profit product development company based in San Francisco. D-Rev’s work is funded largely by grants from global foundations and a growing community of corporate and private donors. D-Rev’s products are designed to leverage the market and existing high-performing local partners for broad distribution and scaling. D-Rev has two projects – Newborn Health and Mobility.

D-Rev partnered with Phoenix to bring out the Brilliance Pro, an advanced phototherapy device. Brilliance Pro is designed to treat jaundice in newborn babies.

Jaundice affects a large number of infants, usually in the first five days of life. In this condition the baby’s blood contains high levels of bilirubin, and it manifests as a yellow tint to the skin and the white part of the eyes. In most babies, the jaundice is mild, but it is a condition to be taken seriously. In rare cases, when the bilirubin remains high and it is not treated, it can potentially cause damage to the brain. This condition is known as kernicterus, and it can result in serious problems throughout life. Phototherapy, wherein the baby is exposed to blue light of a specific frequency band, is a commonly used, non-invasive treatment of jaundice. Brilliance Pro produces light for phototherapy using blue LEDs.

Brilliance Pro was designed not only for superior effectiveness and accessibility but also for manufacturability and mass scale production. Thus its design has been optimized to make it easier and cheaper to create more devices fer. Brilliance Pro was designed based on the experience and feedback gained from the Brilliance Classic, which had been introduced in the Indian market two years earlier.

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EMBRACE Logo 300x258 - PartnersEmbrace Global
In December 2015, Phoenix and Embrace Innovations announced a partnership to manufacture and distribute Embrace infant warmers across emerging markets. Embrace Innovations is a globally recognised med-tech social enterprise. Embrace’s journey started at the Stanford Design School, where its four co-founders came together to address a critical global health challenge—traditional incubators for premature and underweight newborns do not work in low-resource settings due to infrastructure and skill gaps.

They developed the Embrace infant warmers, which use a phase change material (PCM) that melts at 37°C—the ideal body temperature—to keep vulnerable babies warm. The warmers went on to become the posterchild for out-of-the-box innovation.
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6640 - PartnersMedicine Mondiale
Auckland-based development agency Medicine Mondiale, established in 2003, manages a global network of scientific, clinical and business experts who donate their knowledge and time to develop medical solutions which make quality healthcare accessible to everyone. Medicine Mondiale and Phoenix Medical Systems entered into an agreement aimed at addressing a major problem in developing world countries—the problem of neonatal and child mortality. Each year eight million children die before their 5th birthday. Three million of these deaths occur in the first 28 days. Many of these deaths are preventable if babies are placed in the safety and warmth of a neonatal incubator.

The problem is that high-tech life-saving incubators are expensive, and require essential expensive on-going servicing and maintenance to keep them working. These incubators are not designed to work in the challenging developing-world hospital, and so they break down often. The average lifespan of an infant incubator in a hospital in Africa is less than 18 months. Once an incubator fails, it is pushed into a corner and forgotten.

The solution that Medicine Mondiale came up with was the Life Pod. The Mondiale Life Pod is a unique product that will support low-birth-weight babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. The Life Pod represents a radical change from the way incubators are constructed today. The incubators that are presently available are not used in developing countries because a fear of growth of Pseudomonas bacteria is associated with these incubators. The Life Pod has a patented filtration and humidification system. This purifies the air and water vapour in the incubator and prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria within it.

The Life Pod will run continuously for ten years, without the need for replacement of parts or maintenance by trained technicians. Over this period, each Life Pod will save up to 500 little lives. And the Life Pod will do this for a fraction of the price of existing incubators.

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 wind mill health - PartnersWindmill Health

Windmill Health was co-founded by Stanford India Biodesign Fellows of 2011. The first innovation NeoBreathe was conceptualized by the co-founders at All India Institute of Medical Sciences in New Delhi. Their solutions are conceived and developed in house and scaled externally with the help of manufacturers and distributors.Phoenix has partnered with Windmill Health, to present NeoBreathe, the world’s first foot operated newborn resuscitation system.Phoenix is proud to partner with Windmill Health to be the first to bring this pioneering product to newborns across the globe.

Rohan Paul - Rohan Paul
Rohan Paul
Inventor, SmartCane
I learned about Phoenix Medical Systems in 2007 while I was a student
at IIT Delhi. Since then PMS has worked tirelessly with us to realize our research in usable, affordable and high quality products that can be used by people. Over the next 10 years, we have collaborated on several projects in the assistive technologies domain. It has been a privilege to work with the PMS teams at R&D, factory, operations and sales division. I have been amazed by the strong value system and desire to create products that transform lives coupled with immense focus on work ethics, productivity and innovation. I wish the PMS team good luck for the coming year

Donaldson - Andrew Sinclair
Andrew Sinclair
Design Consultant, Medicine Mondiale
It has been a pleasure to work with Phoenix Medical Systems for the last two years. Phoenix have excellent facilities and I have been impressed with their commitment to expanding and improving on their manufacturing capacity. However by far the biggest advantage to working with Phoenix is the high quality of the people who work there. The team at Phoenix are very professional and knowledgeable. I have been impressed with the high level of skill – from the engineers through to the fabricators in the factory. Everyone at Phoenix has been very helpful and welcoming which has made working with them in India both productive and enjoyable for me personally

Donaldson - Krista Donaldson
Krista Donaldson
Chief Executive Officer, D-Rev
As a partner of Phoenix’s since 2010, we are continually impressed with their commitment to producing the highest quality products, and reaching hospitals around the world. Phoenix’s reach and dedication to customers supports D-Rev’s goal of ensuring babies everywhere have the opportunity to thrive.