Phoenix and Embrace innovations – The ideal ally

Phoenix Medical Systems and Embrace Innovations partner to manufacture and market the revolutionary Embrace infant warmers. 

Embrace Innovations is a social enterprise helping vulnerable babies worldwide through path-breaking healthcare technologies, including the Embrace infant warmers. Its work has won much recognition, including The Economist Innovation Award and The “Oscar of Silicon Valley”, The Tech Award for impact. Embrace warmers have impacted more than 200,000 vulnerable babies.

Speaking at the event Raghu Dharmaraju, COO of Embrace Innovations (and another alumnus of IIT Madras), who has led that journey of impact from when they had just a handful of users said, Initially we went from hospital to hospital in smallest towns convincing practitioners to try it. Today public and private health facilities and ambulances across India-from Kerala to Rajasthan, from Gujarat to Bihar-have adopted these products. With users in countries as diverse as Bolivia, Afghanistan, Kenya and Malaysia, we have essentially created a new product category. But to multiply this impact, we needed a partner with greater manufacturing scale and market reach, as well as alignment on mission. So it is great to be working with Phoenix.

Sashi Kumar , Managing Director of Phoenix pointed out that the Embrace warmers permit infants to remain close to their mothers, which promotes bonding. ”Our mission has always been to provide cost-effective and innovative solutions. So Embrace warmers fit perfectly in our product portfolio. We have been manufacturing in India for more than two decades, and so we are excited about the renewed focus on Make in India. And with Embrace, we have the opportunity to take an innovation with roots in India to the world”. Sashi Kumar pointed out that the collaboration with Embrace Innovations would continue Phoenix’s tradition of partnering to bring out better solutions.