The Next Gen CPAP

Wouldn’t you love an intelligent machine which shares the same passion as yours to save a baby from RDS?

Neonatal RDS occurs in infants whose lungs have not yet fully developed. Respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) is a major contributor to neonatal mortality worldwide.

Most cases of RDS occur in babies born before 37 weeks. The less the lungs are developed, the higher the chance of RDS after birth.

The objective was to bring a next generation neonatal respiration support device and ultimately decrease the rates of RDS-specific mortality.

A versatile device for respiration which meets requirements of the baby from birth to NICU in various therapy forms . And also to provide a safe and clutter free environment for the baby and the care giver. The device is intended to take up minimal space near the baby without obstructing access to the baby and in fact create more space than it consumes as footprint. .

The care giver can independently position the display at a convenient orientation without disturbing the connection to the baby, thereby reducing accidental injury to the baby and still providing flexibility and better visibility to the care giver

A Small foot print with generous storage surface and draw to store one set of disposable tubing kit , logically and conveniently placed wall and baby side connections , efficient tubing handling accessories to ensure a clutter free ambiance for the baby and caregiver , high visibility alarm display are few among the salient features of the CPAP.

 The working prototype was unveiled at MAMALLA PEDICON 2016 by renowned Dr.Arasar Seeralar amidst a pool of eminent neonatologist from various states.

The product will be launched into the market soon.