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Phoenix partners with Windmill Health

Phoenix has partnered with Windmill Health, a company founded by physician-inventors from Stanford University and AIIMS, to produce the world’s first foot-operated newborn resuscitation system.

This robust resuscitation system, known as NeoBreathe, allows doctors, paramedics and care providers to multi-task to an unprecedented extent. NeoBreathe differs from other resuscitation solutions in that the care provider does not have to use both hands for manual ventilation (‘bagging’). Thus, he or she can exert a two-handed mask grip (which improves face-mask sealing by over 50 percent) and can auscultate or administer one-person CPR. Other features of NeoBreathe include foot-powered suction, pressure monitoring, enhanced pressure safety and regulation of PEEP and FiO2

NeoBreathe, which has won international awards, was launched in India at PrOGress 2017, the obstetrics and gynaecology conference. As Dr. Gita Arjun , a renowned gynaecologist and organizer of the conference explains, “The launch of a product at this conference is unprecedented. We made this exception because NeoBreathe is a low-cost, Indian innovation that can help us save lives”.

NeoBreathe is simplifying saving lives in hospitals across 14 states of India. Very recently, it was selected for a National Technology Award from the Hon’ble President of India on National Technology Day 2017.

All lives are valuable

          Keyle Kneeland is a teacher in Seattle. She shapes the future of students, serving as a perfect role model they look up to. Recently she was in India.

Keyle described to Phoenix a memorable and touching customer experience

 “I worked for a Chinese orphanage caring for babies. One evening a small baby was abandoned at the gate. He was blue with hypothermia and was struggling to stay alive. We had no way to warm this poor little baby other than in our arms and by using warm water and rags.

We were only able to keep him alive for a couple of hours before he died. We held this baby’s small, lifeless body and cried at the senseless loss of his life and our inability to save him.

I read about the Embrace Nest product made by Phoenix Medical Systems and was sure that this product could make a difference in saving lives at the orphanage in the future.

Yet we can have hope rather than despair at losing yet another young life. That hope will make all the difference in the world. Thank you Phoenix!”

People like Keyle make the world a better place and give more meaning to our mission to save the tiny warriors.

All lives have value no matter how poor, how humble or how much early struggle they may face. Thanks to Phoenix Medical Systems and this product, the Embrace Nest, more babies will live. These babies will grow to impact other lives for the positive.

Thank you Phoenix, for helping to give meaning to that little baby’s life by inspiring me to come to India to purchase the Embrace Nest. The next time a small baby comes to the orphanage, it will have a better chance of survival. Perhaps it will live. Perhaps that same life will grow into the young person who grows up to cure cancer or impact world peace. We never know.

World Prematurity Day

They say the sound of music can bring back life. We agree!

On World Prematurity Day, Phoenix sponsored a musical fund-raiser event organized by Dr. Mehta Hospital to raise awareness about prematurity. The Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram Newborn Fund for the Newborn—By the Newborn is named after a doctor dear to Phoenix.

The music programme was held in Chennai, at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, on 18 November 2017. The hall buzzed with children and their parents, who smiled broad for photographs in our photo booth. It was overwhelming to see preemies who recovered in Phoenix equipment all grown up now and full of life, with sky-high dreams to achieve.