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Workshop on Medical Safety Standards

Posted on October 27, 2009 by admin_pms

In October 2009, Phoenix organised a workshop to train biomedical engineers and to raise awareness on medical device safety standards. This event, titled “Introduction and Overview of Medical Safety Test Standards”, was the first of its kind in India.

Sophisticated medical equipment is manufactured to save precious lives, but sometimes there are serious safety issues relating to them. Team members of leading hospitals are familiar with the operation and maintenance of the equipment, but they carry the burden of ensuring the safety of other equipment, patients and care-givers.

The participants came to Chennai from hospitals all over the country. The workshop was conducted at Hotel Ambica Empire on the 12th October. Training in IEC 60601-1 was imparted by Mrs. Neena Sonawane of UL India Ltd. There were seven training modules.

In the afternoon Professor V. Jayashankar of IIT-Madras gave a talk titled “How IIT Chennai could assist you” which was appreciated by all.

The workshop ended with an interactive session.