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SmartCane at National Museums Scotland

Posted on October 6, 2017 by admin_pms
Blindness actually is a condition which brings in several limitations but these limitations actually can be brought down with the help of technology .You must have seen many visually impaired people use the white cane as a means to help them navigate and walk through their areas.However, this white cane is unable to detect any obstruction that is above the waist. For instance, an open window pane like this one will go undetected and most likely result in upper-body injury.
SmartCane is an interesting invention that uses ultrasonic waves to detect all such obstructions. This low cost device is already being used by thousands of people across the world
SmartCane has been included in the National Museums Scotland exhibition on sight aides for a group of cases entitled ‘Engineering Humans’.
The National Museums Scotland is the most visited attraction in the UK outside of London, drawing in over 1.7 million visitors a year. At National Museums Scotland, they care for collections of national and international importance, preserving them, interpreting them and making them accessible to as many people as possible. They highlight the importance of how manufacturing and engineering have changed our lives. One of the galleries features a section on Technology by Design, where SmartCane has been exhibited. SmartCane, a flagship product of Phoenix proudly standing in the National Museums Scotland brings in a sense of delight to the entire SmartCane team.