Comprehensive Infant Care Centre CIC 101

According to the World Health Organization, more than 20 million low-birth weight preterm babies are born annually around the world. Tragically, more than 4 million of these babies die within a month of being born. All it requires to avoid most of these deaths is to keep the preterm infants warm.

A baby’s body temperature drops as soon as it is outside the controlled environment of the mother’s womb. Premature babies have very little body fat. Unable to regulate their body temperature, they die.

The CIC 101 has been designed to provide warmth to preterm infants and simultaneously meet the critical situations that may arise in providing care for such babies. The CIC 101 is remarkably convenient and user friendly, given its capabilities. The space around the infant is organized efficiently for the convenience of care givers, the mother and visitors. It is easy to clean.


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