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Electronic Baby Weighing Scale

Phoenix infant bassinets are comfortable and safe places for babies.
The trendy single-moulded bassinets are well suited for all hospitals, NICUs and labour rooms. They are provided with smooth castors for mobility. The bassinets can be locked in position using foot-operated brakes on the castors.

Phoenix bassinets are compatible with phototherapy equipment, warmers and other equipment. Thus unnecessary shifting of babies is avoided.

The bassinets are designed for unobtrusive storage.

BAS 101 has a side opening that allows the mother and infant to be close to each other. This bassinet also features a swivelling utility tray.


A single bed for Labor , Delivery and Recovery. Can be easily converted from a simple hospital bed to a labor bed and vice versa.

Electrical Height adjustment

The bed can go as low as 610mm and high as 1150 mm to provide support to the mother and caregiver

Labor positions

Flexible for several positions that can be adopted during labor and delivery

Emergency CPR positioning

The optional emergency CPR release feature of the back rest is designed for critical situations. It can go up to -7deg in trendelenburg position.

Electrical control

Bed can be positioned at ease while the medical personnel tends to the mother. Hand-operated controls or foot-operated controls can be provided based on request.


Array of easy-to-fit accessories including lithotomy leg crutches, hand grip, foot supports, IV pole and a catch basin.

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