For a frugal way to save lives

India’s healthcare infrastructure is dismal, and the poor spend more than half of their income to meet medical needs. Fortunately, as these three stories show, entrepreneurship is joining hands with frugal engineering to make amends.

Anapoorni is a 44-year-old mother of four, and a domestic help in Chennai’s West Mambalam. But her four children, two daughters and two sons, would have actually been five…

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India spawning top notch medical devices companies with

In India, about 15 babies die every minute due to asphyxiation in maternity homes that can’t afford the costly imported infant warmers. Many midwives try and make do with table lamps — but they are a poor substitute. As a student of IIT Chennai in 1988, Sashi Kumar was asked to repair imported baby warmers for a hospital. Kumar, 49, not only fixed the warmers but also started making them on his own — his company Phoenix Medical Systems was born.

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