Infant resuscitation -Providing support for life at a fast pace

The minute after the birth of a newborn is a period of anxiety for parents and health providers, as the newborn undergoes rapid and significant physiological changes to adjust to the environment outside the mother’s womb.

It is a fact that every year around 38% of all the babies born are asphyxiated at birth. How does this happen?

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Until an infant starts breathing air, he or she depends on the placenta and umbilical cord for oxygen. At birth, the baby’s lungs are filled with fluids. And they are not inflated. After delivery, the baby takes the first breath. In practice this sounds like a gasp. Normal breathing is usually established right away. Once the baby starts breathing, the fluid drains away from the respiratory system.

Unfortunately, not all infants can start breathing air on their own. The normal transition from placenta and cord to lungs can be interrupted, and often it is. If this happens for 50–70 seconds, a hypoxic stage (no-breathing condition) is reached. Considering this, it may be argued that the most stressful period for the infant.

Fortunately, infants can be revived through resuscitation, a process in which the baby’s normal lung functioning is established thorough artificial breaths. Effective performance of resuscitation has reduced the infant mortality rate the world over. Resuscitation, a basic procedure, has saved millions of babies.

Life-saving resuscitation

A baby may get asphyxiated due to reasons such as clogging of the lungs with amniotic fluid, which blocks the passage of air in the lungs. A standard resuscitation protocol is in place for clinicians to ensure the safety of infants. The life of the newborn is supported by a few simple resuscitation steps. The entire sequence of steps is carried out very quickly.

Apart from being small, a newborn baby, particularly a prematurely born baby (a ‘preemie’) is wet. The first step according to the resuscitation protocol is to provide warmth to baby. Wipe the baby dry and wrap him in a dry cloth. Then the fluid in the lungs is removed by suction. Once the airway is cleared of fluid, resuscitation is carried out. The lungs are mechanically aerated in a process known as breaths. A blend of oxygen and air is supplied to the baby through a bag-and-mask unit in this process. This opens up the tiny air sacs of the lungs, known as alveoli, which are essential for gas exchange. The whole process occurs in few minutes from the birth.

Low cost – Innovation in India

India is an ideal place for innovation, with 70% of the population being rural and 30% urban, with many strata of society. Any innovation needs to provide a solution for the majority. Developing country faces a number of issues such as a lack of skilled trainers and the facilities being minimal. While designing products, its important medical equipment provides solutions that address these issues.

Simple, easy to use, low cost and effective equipment addresses for affordable care with minimal training.

Explore the Phoenix website to learn about a range of resuscitation products, including Neobreathe, the world’s first foot-operated resuscitation system and the infant resuscitator, and other neonatal and maternal products.

We make a life by what we give

Life is uncertain. Like a wave in the ocean what goes up goes down and the pattern continues. So what defines our way of life? Most of us would have experienced few life changing experiences which defines our principals in life. Selvaraj Bovas and Edgar Paul Jones who were childhood friends once saw an old man on the streets, a very common sight in India. Instead of only sympathising like most of us they chose to act. They took him home, cleaned and provided him with food but could not save him. They later realised he had dementia and had lost his way. His family had been looking out for him only to find out he is no more. Several incidents of old and ailing people dumped and abused by their own children shook them and led to the start of ‘Little drops – An old age home for the destitute’. Our team had the opportunity to visit this home.

IMG 4251 1024x518 - We make a life by what we give

Old people and children are alike.  It’s very rightly said that the most terrible poverty is loneliness. They just wanted company, love and affection. They got attached to us in a very short span of time. Some had gruesome stories to share with tears in their eyes while some remained calm with a smile.

Thanks to our company as a part of our CSR we had donated beds to them. Our employees who were involved in the manufacturing of these beds were moved seeing the result of the time they had taken to make these beds especially for them.

When we stepped out of the home we only had one question, our parents shaped us to what we are today and we in turn can’t do our part in their final stage of life? Has inhumaneness creeped into us shutting our conscious and feelings?

If any of you out there would like to help these bunch of lovely people in the home, do visit their website.

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love” – MotherTeresa

Customer service at your fingertips – Phoenix Mobile App

Timely customer service is the essence of customer satisfaction. Happy customers continue to be vital in the growth of Phoenix. We decided to enhance our customer experience with a Mobile App dedicated to simplifying the process of a service call.Once after installing the Phoenix App you can get started with a simple registration process of basic details. To speak to one of our customer service executives you can simply click on the ‘Free Call Back’. You will receive a call back from one of our executives instantly to help serve your query. Alternatively click on ‘Log service complaint’ and follow a twostep process to register your issue. An engineer will be assigned to resolve your issue as soon as possible. You can check the status of your complaint through the app. For any other product related enquiries you can click on ‘Request enquiry’ and submit your query. Your query will be attended to in 24 hours. The shop online feature will enable you to shop anywhere, anytime for your NICU.

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Our App is available for Android users on Google Play Store.  

Watch a video on how to use our app

All about Phoenix’s Ob-Gyn Squat Table….

Giving birth is an important event in every mother’s life. It is important that she experience the greatest comfort during this event. The position she adopts during labour plays a significant role here. You will probably be surprised at the amount of evidence that is out there for the benefits of making changes in the position of a mother during labour and birthing.

A medical expert has pointed out that for centuries, women have given birth in various positions that reduce pain. One of the most effective of these positions is the squatting position. In this position the birth canal becomes flexible and relaxes during the birthing experience. Cuts and tears are reduced in this position.

Witkowski Pioneer birth scene engraving va 1887 NLM a012646 300x254 - All about Phoenix’s Ob-Gyn Squat Table....DT 300x235 - All about Phoenix’s Ob-Gyn Squat Table....

An age-old technique for the modern labour room

Researchers have found that squatting helps during labour in different ways. Here is a quick list: (1) According to a study conducted by Gardosi and colleagues, squatting shortens the second stage of labour by 11 minutes. (2) The squatting position is assisted by gravity. In this position, the dimensions of the bony pelvis, in both the transverse and anterior/posterior directions, are increased by as much as 28%. (3) The squatting position may result in fewer instrumental deliveries and episiotomies.

The age-old technique of squatting is, therefore, very relevant today. The typical Ob/Gym delivery table in the modern labour room, however, is not very suitable for the squatting position.

The Squat Table

The Squat Table from Phoenix has been specifically designed for comfortable birthing positions. The table supports squatting, lithotomy and the supine position.

The Phoenix Squat Table has been designed for the convenience of those assisting with a delivery as well. The physician can control the orientation of this with an electronic foot-operated remote. At the press of a button, the angle of the table can be adjusted up to 180° according to the requirement of the delivery. Its height can be adjusted to as low as 16 inches so that the mother can comfortably place herself on it during labour. Subsequently the height of the bed can be raised to up to 6 feet so that doctors and nurses have easy access.

The table readily converts to the squatting position with a pair of leg supports. With a simple change of these supports to calf supports, the table supports lithotomy.

The Squat Table comes in different soothing colours to match any labour room.

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Our Pledge for Preemies

All lives have equal value. A life lost would have grown to become the next Abdul Kalam or Indira Gandhi.  The world prematurity awareness month might have ended but for us Phoenix’ians everyday is a constant reminder of prematurity.

At Phoenix , we understand we have the responsibility of giving them a tomorrow.  We gathered together and took up a pledge for preemies to do our good work even better.

fsdzfvxdv 1024x763 - Our Pledge for Preemies

Our Pledge

‘Phoenix has given me an opportunity to serve the newborns.

I pledge I will give the best of my ability in saving every preemie on our equipment by doing my work with dedication , honest and care. My sincerity at work will reflect in happiness of families and help contribute to the society.’

It was overwhelming to listen to employees share their personal stories on surviving prematurity and express their joy on working for Phoenix in various creative art forms.

‘The rays of the sun rising in the east sheds life into the world every day similarly only if a preemie is placed in our incubator will it’s life shine ! I’m happy to work for a technologically sound company like Phoenix’ said Daniel , a employee from the initial days the company .

We have a beautiful responsibility of showing a mother’s love through our equipment when these tiny fighters need it the most. We are proud of the work we do at Phoenix!


World Prematurity Day

They say the sound of music can bring back life. We agree!

On World Prematurity Day, Phoenix sponsored a musical fund-raiser event organized by Dr. Mehta Hospital to raise awareness about prematurity.

sadzef 1024x576 - World Prematurity Day

The music programme was held in Chennai, at Sir Mutha Venkatasubba Rao Concert Hall, on 18 November 2017. The hall buzzed with children and their parents, who smiled broad for photographs in our photo booth. It was overwhelming to see preemies who recovered in Phoenix equipment all grown up now and full of life, with sky-high dreams to achieve. Doctors and Nurses who’ve dedicated their lives to saving these tiny fighters graced the event and generously bought tickets for the noble cause

The Dr. Shanmuga Sundaram Newborn Fund for the Newborn—By the Newborn is named after a doctor dear to Phoenix. Children graduating from the NICU of Mehta will donate money every year on their birthday to the fund. The fund will help preemies and parents who face financial difficulty for treatment. The fund was released on stage during the event by Dr.Shanmuga Sundaram , Mr.Sashi Kumar ,Managing Director of Phoenix and Dr. Dilip Mehta

All lives have equal value. A life lost would have grown to become the next Abdul Kalam or Indira Gandhi. Phoenix is happy to have donated to this fund which will be useful in saving the next gem of our nation.

All lives have value

Mrs.Keyle Kneeland is a teacher in Seattle shaping the future of several students and a perfect role model to look up to and grow.  Recently she flew down to India and gave us a memorable and touching customer experience.

IMG 6205 - All lives have value

The experience in Keyle’s words :

 “Our trip to India was incredible in every way. The most meaningful part of coming to India was getting to visit Phoenix medical systems and having the chance to purchase two Embrace Nest baby warmers. It was fascinating to tour the facility where the baby warmers are made and to meet the people who are responsible for all the many phases of its production. It was wonderful to learn about the different kinds of work that go in to creating the product, and to see it all first hand was a dream after first reading about this life saving device from ten thousand miles away in my home in Seattle.

Towards the end of our visit, I cried when I told the staff about my purpose for purchasing the baby warmers. Two summers earlier, I worked for three weeks in a Chinese orphanage caring for babies. I met my daughter 13 years earlier in the same orphanage when I adopted her as a one year old. She and I worked together in 2015 at the orphanage, and it was hot, and emotionally exhausting work. Many of the children had physical and cognitive delays and disabilities but we did our best, as did the staff to care for them with the hope that they would someday be adopted and join their forever families around the world.

One evening a small baby was abandoned at the gate. He had been found by the police in a trash can and he was covered in rat bites. He was blue with hypothermia and was struggling to stay alive. His umbilical cord was still attached. He had clearly just been born a few hours earlier.

We had no way to warm this poor little baby other than in our arms and by using warm water and rags.

We were only able to keep him alive for a couple of hours before he died. I was horrified and would never have brought my daughter to China had  I realized she would witness such a horrifying event.

We held this babies small lifeless body and cried at the senseless loss of his life and our inability to save him.

Sandra, (the director of the orphanage) said that there is always a reason things happen. This little babies life would have meaning, we just didn’t know what that would be. It might take some time to figure it out, but it would have meaning.

When I returned to the United States, I began searching for some kind of a low-cost incubator that would allow the orphanage to care for premature babies and save the lives of tiny babies who needed extra care and warmth.

I read about the Embrace Nest product made by Phoenix medical systems, and was sure that this product could make a difference in saving lives at the orphanage in the future.

Because it did not have FDA approval, I knew I would need to travel to India to purchase the product. This excited me because I had never been to India, had taught many elementary school students for several years from India and was eager to learn more about Indian culture.

A friend of mine had moved to Chennai to teach so I knew I would be able to stay with her while coming to Southern India where the product was made.

Fast forward two years and there I was, standing with my son and daughter in the office and sharing my story with the staff at Phoenix as I cried remembering the helpless feeling of trying to save that small little baby on the other side of the world two years earlier.

It was all so incredible. I was so thankful to be able to show my children the impact we could make in future lives in China by finding the Embrace Nest and getting it back to the orphanage where she began her life 14 years earlier. All lives have value no matter how poor, how humble, or how much early struggle they may face.  Thanks to Phoenix Medical Systems and this product, the Embrace Nest, more babies will live. These babies will grow to impact other lives for the positive.

Thank you Phoenix for helping to give meaning to that little babies life by inspiring me to come to India to purchase the embrace nest. The next time a small baby comes to the orphanage, it will have a better chance of survival. Perhaps it will live. Perhaps that same life will grow in to the young person who grows up to cure cancer or impact world peace. We never know. Yet we can have hope rather than despair at losing yet another young life. That hope will make all the difference in the world. Thank you Phoenix!”


People like Keyle make the world a better place, give more meaning and light in our mission to save the tiny warriors.  

Saving lives beyond borders

We first met H.E. Bernaud Haufiku, Minister of Health and Social Services, Namibia at the India–Africa Expo 2016. One thing led to another, and our excitement knew no bounds when he accepted our invitation to visit Phoenix Medical Systems and we realised we were going to host him. Preparations went ahead in full swing, and we awaited his arrival. The minister flew down to India from Namibia just to visit us.

IMG 1394 - Saving lives beyond borders

Interacting with His Excellency was a great pleasure. He evinced a keen interest in our products and facilities. We talked about the status of newborn care in our respective countries and how we could help each other.

On returning to Namibia, Dr. Haufiku appealed to organisations to come forward and sponsor Phoenix devices to save babies suffering from Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Multichoice, a leading video entertainment and Internet company in South Africa, came forward and donated a number of the devices to the ministry.

Considering the bond we share with our beloved minister, we made the devices available at reduced prices.

Our Managing Director accompanied our technical team when they flew to Namibia to install the equipment and train the clinical staff in its use.

We were extremely happy to be involved in this remarkable event wherein we could reach out to another country.


The joy a mother experiences listening to the first cry of her baby can be overwhelming. A birth of a child is a moment rejoiced by the entire family and can never be equalled with any other experience in this world.

But unfortunately it doesn’t prove to be happy for many who don’t get to hold their little bundle of joy but have to watch them being carried away by nurses and doctors to the NICU and kept into box like huge equipment while they stand completely helpless.

phoenix Warmer01 - Prematurity

An estimated 15 million babies are born too early every year. That is more than 1 in 10 babies. Many survivors face a lifetime of disability, including learning disabilities, visual and hearing problems.

Globally, prematurity is the leading cause of death in children. India is one among the top 10 countries with highest number of premature births.

What is Prematurity?

A preterm or a preemie is baby being brought into this world before it is ready to face it. A baby delivered before 37 weeks with underdeveloped organs.

One of the common problem faced by preemies is Hypothermia – Preemies have very little body fat. Unable to manage their body temperature they shiver and die.

And the good news is these babies can be saved with simple and cost effective TECHNOLOGY!

 The Solution

 Providing warmth to these babies can save them. Yes! It’s that simple.

 Phoenix has been committed to neonatology for the past 30 years and continues to be a helping hand in the NICU with its range of neonatal equipment. Our warmers and incubators are equipped to meet any critical situation arising in treating preemies. They provide warmth and the track the baby’s breathing, heart rate, and level of oxygen in the blood.

Our products are designed such that the care giver needn’t worry about the machine and can provide all their attention to the baby.

Visit our products page to know more about our warmers and incubators.

Thank you for reading.

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A positive feedback is a powerful tool for any company

Feedback is an excellent way to determine our strength and weakness. A positive feedback is a powerful tool for any company.

A happy customer shared with us his pleasant  experience using our delivery table.

“We have been using the Phoenix DT 100 table for the past two years. Our clinician team find the table comfortable and good to use. We have been witnessing  several successful deliveries in the past two years.  Recently we have delivered 13 babies from 10 deliveries and we would like to give complete credit to Phoenix table for the deliveries”
IMG 20161021 WA0002 - A positive feedback is a powerful tool for any company
– Dr. Anbu Chezhian , Vriksham Fertility Centre

Such feedback helps to sustain , improve and enhance our products. It makes our employees feel motivated and strive harder towards our vision.