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Our Pledge for Preemies

Posted on December 5, 2017
All lives have equal value. A life lost would have grown to become the next Abdul Kalam or Indira Gandhi. The world prematurity awareness month might have ended but for us Phoenix’ians everyday is a constant reminder of prematurity. At Phoenix , we understand we have the responsibility of giving them a tomorrow. We gathered together and took up a pledge for preemies to do our good work even better. Our Pledge ‘Phoenix has given me an opportunity to serve the newborns. I pledge I will give the best of my ability in saving every preemie on our equipment by doing my work with dedication , honest and care. My sincerity at work will reflect in happiness of families and help contribute to the society.’ It was overwhelming to listen to employees share their personal stories on surviving prematurity and express their joy on working for Phoenix in various creative art forms. ‘The rays of the sun rising in the east sheds life into the world every day similarly only if a preemie is placed in our incubator will it’s life shine ! I’m happy to work for a technologically sound company like Phoenix’ said Daniel , a employee from the initial days the company . We have a beautiful responsibility of showing a mother’s love through our equipment when these tiny fighters need it the most. We are proud of the work we do at Phoenix!