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Haven Hood: A non- invasive solution to COVID- 19

Posted on October 8, 2020

Currently, we are experiencing a global pandemic of COVID-19, the condition caused by the new coronavirus. This virus spreads through aerosols, making COVID-19 highly contagious, and has caused thousands of deaths worldwide. It mainly causes hypoxemia, which is a low level of oxygen in your blood, along with hypoxia, an abnormal condition resulting from a decreased supply of oxygen to the tissues. These are dangerous conditions and if not treated immediately can lead to acute hypoxemic respiratory failure. Ventilation is the method by which the level of oxygen supply into the lungs is increased. Ventilation is done alongside a perfusion procedure, in which the supply of blood to the lungs is increased. Ventilators are devices that are meant to help pump oxygen into your lungs and get rid of the carbon dioxide. The increase in COVID-19 cases has therefore caused a steep increase in the demand for ventilators worldwide.

Most ventilators are connected to a tube that is inserted through the patient’s mouth or nose, down through the trachea, close to the lungs. This placement of the tracheal tube, referred to as intubation, is usually needed for relatively short periods. Intubation and the usage of a ventilator are very invasive and uncomfortable processes for patients and can also damage patient morale. Studies from Italy have shown that the usage of a helmet such as the Haven Hood, avoided invasive procedures such as intubation in 54% of patients who suffered from complications like hypoxia and 20% of patients with COVID-19. In addition, patients using ventilators release dense aerosols, and this can cause healthcare workers to fall sick with COVID-19. Medical procedures needed for the sickest COVID-19 patients-such as intubation, tracheostomies, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation-are thought to generate even more aerosol droplets. These considerations inspired the Phoenix team to come up with their non-invasive and cost-effective solution, the Haven Hood, to help in this battle against COVID-19.

Our Product: Haven Hood

The Phoenix Haven Hood is a transparent hood which is attached at the base to a medical grade stretchable silicone ring. The transparent hood affords the patient a clear view and allows the healthcare workers to see the patient. The ring acts as a neck seal and therefore maintains positive end-expiratory pressure (PEEP) even as oxygen is taken in, and all exhaled gases are only allowed to leave through a medical grade bacteria/virus filter. The silicone ring can be cut to perfectly fit the patient securely, avoiding aerosolization of the expired gases and providing a safe environment for the healthcare professionals. The PEEP level can also be controlled. The straps at the bottom of the hood are adjustable according to the patient’s comfort. There is a drinking port attached to the hood for liquid intake. The Haven Hood provides an effective treatment and speedy recovery for COVID-19 patients.

In addition to the standard Haven Hood, a variant with a zip option is available. The picture above shows the standard hood. The zip variant, pictured below, permits quick access to the patient, and allows the patient to eat conveniently.

Lastly, Phoenix has designed a custom venturi piece that allows for blended Oxygen- a mix of oxygen and ambient air. This can be used instead of a high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) device by attaching it directly to an oxygen cylinder flow meter or an oxygen wall outlet. It can achieve the high flow rate of up to 60 litres with an Oxygen flow of 15 litres. The venturi piece along with the Haven Hood, therefore, makes for a very cost-effective device in the treatment for COVID- 19 since a large number can be purchased by Hospitals for a low price.

The Haven Hood is currently used in various Indian Hospitals and has received many positive reviews.


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“Haven Hood is a very good device for cooperative patients. It is most useful for moderate COVID symptoms patients. It helps to improve the saturation level for the patients. Also, it is greatly beneficial to caretaker as there is no aerosol dissemination “.
Dr. Vijay Sekhar, Sai Bhaskar Hospital

“Haven Hood is a very good option for non-critical cases. It is maintaining SpO2 level very well. The patients feels more comfortable to use and they can consume food at anytime “.
Dr. Arif, Medway hospital

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