This advanced treatment for jaundice in newborns

Jaundice is the primary reason why newborns are readmitted to hospitals worldwide, and millions are not receiving effective treatment.Award-winning medical device nonprofit D-Rev launched its latest newborn product this year — Brilliance Pro, an advanced version of its Brilliance Classic product from 2012, which treats newborn jaundice with sophisticated phototherapy.

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A positive feedback is a powerful tool for any company

Feedback is an excellent way to determine our strength and weakness. A positive feedback is a powerful tool for any company.

A happy customer shared with us his pleasant  experience using our delivery table.

“We have been using the Phoenix DT 100 table for the past two years. Our clinician team find the table comfortable and good to use. We have been witnessing  several successful deliveries in the past two years.  Recently we have delivered 13 babies from 10 deliveries and we would like to give complete credit to Phoenix table for the deliveries”

– Dr. Anbu Chezhian , Vriksham Fertility Centre

Such feedback helps to sustain , improve and enhance our products. It makes our employees feel motivated and strive harder towards our vision.

Brilliance in India: New Deal Allows Bay Area Firm to Fight Jaundice

The Bay Area-based non-profit technology design firm D-Rev has inked its largest distribution deal since launching in 2007.

D-Rev—co-founded by Paul Polak—announced today that Phoenix Medical Systems in India will run the marketing and distribution of D-Rev’s Brilliance product, a neo-natal phototherapy device used to treat infants with the brain-damaging disease, jaundice, and which comes at a price tag of $400 instead of the usual $3,000.

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