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Open Care Warmer

The OCW100 is a superior radiant warmer at an economic price. Its rugged design gives it an extended operational life.

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Open Care Warmer
Instrument trayMay be positioned at two heights.
BassinetThe bed is large, and there is all-round access to the infant because of the side-positioned pillar supporting the warmer. The bed is tilted easily to any position desired. The spring-dampened tilting mechanism prevents the bed from dropping too quickly to the resting position. X-ray cassettes may be introduced below the bed without disturbing the infant.
Examination lampAllows the infant alone to be illuminated for examination. An additional lamp may be provided optionally.
Control panelThe warmer is very easy to operate. A highly thermistor probe senses the infant’s temperature. This probe requires no calibration. The control panel displays both the set temperature and the actual skin temperature.
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